The Misunderstood Exercise You Need


Toes to Bar: Master the Move

The toes to bar (TTB) exercise builds incredible strength in the anterior chain and improves your relative strength.

Toes to bar is a favorite exercise of many “fitness influencers.” Why? Let’s be honest: it’s because it shows off the musculature of the rectus abdominis extremely well. Some even claim that it’s the best exercise to build washboard abs.

First off, the best exercise to build washboard abs is the mental exercise of not eating like an a**hole. Secondly, the TTB actually isn’t that great for directly strengthening the rectus abdominis (visible abs). The primary movers are the lats for shoulder adduction (applying downward pressure on the bar) and the hip flexors (mainly the psoas muscle) to lift the legs.

The abs do help out, but they’re not the major working muscles. Nonetheless, the TTB is still a great exercise. If you want to master it, use the following progressions:

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