How to Attract Women, Even If You’re Ugly


Stronger men were rated as more attractive. “Strength increases attractiveness in a linear fashion,” researchers concluded. In fact, not a single woman in the study chose the less-muscled physiques.

(Keep in mind, none of these guys had drugged-out, bodybuilder-ish physiques, which can work against men. Other studies show that being too big and ripped makes some women think you’re a narcissist, fair or not.)

Based on the men’s photos, the women were able to accurately predict strength, too. If the men in the photos looked strong, they were strong, as least compared to the scrawny guys.

Not surprisingly, fat bodies were rated as unattractive. The researchers wrote: “Women’s mate choice mechanisms respond to muscle mass positively but large stores of body fat negatively.”

Height mattered, and of course, tall guys were generally considered more attractive, but ratings of strength were MORE predictable of attractiveness. Researchers also theorized that tall guys are perceived as stronger and healthier (even if they aren’t).

So, a taller strong guy is even more attractive (about 10% “hotter”), but the fat guy gets a penalty. Humans instinctively know that obesity is unhealthy, so they generally aren’t attracted to it.

“The rated strength of a male body accounts for a full 70% of the variance in attractiveness,” the study said. That basically means that 70% of what makes a man initially desirable stems from his perceived strength and formidability.

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