Best Running Shoes For Supination in 2020


    Sometimes known as under pronation, supination can make running difficult as your foot tends to roll out at the ankle. Although it can run in the family, there are certain things you can do to make life easier and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the same cardio routine you are used to.

    This is made easier by the best running shoes for supination. They help to ensure you run with the correct posture and help to remove any discomfort caused by under pronation. You don’t have to miss out on style and most of the leading brands make excellent options for you to consider. We have gathered the ones you don’t want to miss out on in our following list of the best running shoes for supination.

    List of the Best Running Shoes For Supination

    Editor’s Choice: Brooks Mens Ghost 11 Running Shoe

    For many people, these are the best running shoes for supination but also those who take their cardio seriously. Brooks is a brand that professionals and causal runners both look out for and in the DNA LOFT cushioning of the Ghost 11, it is easy to see why. This is what gives it such comfort without the loss of responsiveness. These running shoes feel lighter than you might expect which keeps you agile but there is also plenty of support and a snug like feel.

    The segmented crash pad is what takes a lot of the impact of every step, reducing the stress on your foot making it ideal for supination. It works by adapting to every planting of the foot, wherever that might be. The meshed upper ensures they are breathable but it also pretty much disappears as the shoes conform to the foot. With a durable outsole made from carbon blown rubber, it keeps your foot stable which is exactly what anyone with supination needs.


    • Lots of cushioning
    • Segmented crash pad reduces stress on the foot
    • Durable outsole keeps your foot stable
    • Lightweight

    Best Heel Support : adidas Men’s Ultraboost 19

    A close contender and one of the best running shoes for supination and one you might consider. The adaptive runner makes for a comfortable stride and is very responsive because of the ample cushioning. This is what makes it great for supination. It expands and supports the foot for a snug feel and there is extra cushioning under the arch to give you a smooth stride.

    The 3D heel frame feels good and the more energy you put into these shoes, the more of a spring they put in your step. There is plenty of midsole support during landing which is ideal for supination and the breathable knit upper ensures you get maximum comfort and airflow. The downside is they are more expensive than a lot of the other models on our list but anyone who has worn them is likely to tell you it’s worth it.


    • Expands and supports the foot
    • Very comfortable
    • Good support
    • Knit upper is breathable

    Best Shock Absorption: ASICS Dynaflyte 3 Lite-Show Men’s Running Shoe

    A running shoe for supination that is both comfortable and durable. This has plenty of give from the rearfoot and front foot gel cushioning system that gives you loads of shock absorption as well as push when you move into the toe-off phase. This, combined with the Fluidride midsole that gives you added bounce-back makes them some of the most comfortable running shoes on our list.

    The outsole protects the shoe whilst being flexible enough to give you lots of movement and keeps them lightweight. With a seamless construction to make sure no stitches irritate your feet and added stability, the Dynaflyte 3 is great value for the price. Asics has ensured these shoes encourage the outer side of the heel is the first part to come into contact with the ground with little to normal pronation.


    • Tailor made for supination
    • Lots of bounceback
    • Flexible fit
    • Good shock absorption

    Best Support: Brooks Mens Beast ’18

    Compared to their other DNA shoes, these have 25% more cushioning thanks to their super DNA midsole. There is loads of support that guides your foot back to the natural position thanks to the diagonal rollbar that prevents under pronation. With a good amount of room in the toe box, there is a lot to like. The Best ’18 features an external heel counter and a decent amount of cushioning although some of their other models do give you a little more.

    The air mesh upper ensures they get a good amount of airflow but because there is a lot of pressure taken by the shoe, they tend to wear a little faster than others. This doesn’t mean you are going to have to replace them anytime soon, just that you might notice a little wear and tear.


    • Diagonal rollbar prevents under-pronation
    • Lots of room in the toe box
    • Breathable
    • Extra support

    Best Women’s: Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 19 Running Shoe

    Offering a mix of value and comfort these are among the best women’s running shoes for supination. The cloudware platform is what gives the user a smooth transition and redirects the impact of every step away from your foot. You can get them in men’s sizes as well and the benefits are just as good with a carbon rubber construction that adds to the durability.

    The meshed upper gives you a good amount of airflow so you can run in comfort for long periods and features flex grooves in the heel for a natural landing that gives you a nudge in the right direction. There is plenty of room in the toe box and enough color combinations to convince most people that these are a good option.


    • Redirects the impact away from your foot
    • Lots of airflow
    • Sturdy construction
    • Lots of room in the toe box

    Best Professional Use: On Running Cloudflow Men’s Sneaker

    Ok, they might be a bit more expensive than some of the other brands you are more familiar with but the quality is there and there is plenty of good about these running shoes for supination. In the midsole, these use a foam they call ZeroGravity EVA to help you feel light on your feet and they look like they are ready to give you an edge when it comes to the competition thanks to the superior bounceback they offer.

    Swiss made and with a 6 mm drop for added energy return they feature their unique cloud pods underneath to take away the impact of every step and give you a push. They are made with comfort and speed in mind and offer moderate arch support. The downside is that they can be difficult to clean as mud and debris collect between the pods but it is obvious why these are considered excellent race-ready shoes.


    • Plenty of bounceback
    • Good amount of grip
    • Lightweight design

    Running Shoes For Supination Guide

    The posture of your feet can be difficult to manage and if you are feeling the pain of under pronation then you will want to make sure you find the best running shoes for supination. They can help to ensure your feet do not roll out at the ankle so you can run in comfort. There is more to the best shoes for this type of stance than cushioning although it can help if done right.

    Not everyone knows a lot about supination and running shoes which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide.

    What To Look For In Running Shoes For Supination


    You need the right amount of arch support to ensure you feel confident in every step as you can put added pressure on different parts of your foot and ankle if you do not have the right amount of support. Still, you don’t want too much as under pronation requires a cushioned approach over a stable feel.


    As we’ve mentioned, cushioning is important for running shoes for supination. This is because the shoe needs to take some of the impact from your feet and ankle. Even a regular amount of absorption in a running shoe can lead to injury for those with supination. This is why you need plenty of cushioning and a shoe known for its ability to absorb shock.

    Quality Outsole

    Because under pronation can cause your foot to move in an unnatural way, it can put added pressure on the outsole. This is why it is important to buy a sho that has a durable material on the outsole or you will find thy wear pretty fast. 


    Usually, in the form of breathable meshing, the best running shoes for supination will keep feet cool and dry to ensure they do not get damp and move around when they should be stable. No one likes blisters or the like so make sure the running shoes you have your eye on offer decent airflow.

    Lightweight Design

    Because your feet can feel the burden of heavy shoes, the best running shoes for supination are lighter. Some brands have a lightweight foam padding that helps to reduce the weight of their product but be sure to look for a running shoe that is known for being light. 

    If left untreated, supination can lead to recurring injuries but you can correct your posture to ensure they are less common. Because one cause is via weakened muscles there are things you can do to strengthen the right ones and wearing running shoes for supination can give you the right amount of cushioning and support to help make it a thing of the past. 

    Consulting a doctor is always a good idea to ensure you are getting the best advice possible. 

    Supination can be hereditary so don’t be surprised to find that it runs in the family. Other common causes can be a weakness in a certain part of the foot or ankle. Any foot injury you have suffered in the past can contribute towards supination and weak muscles in the foot are another cause. 

    There are certain things you can do to make supination more comfortable and it starts with your shoes. Replace old shoes when the cushioning starts to feel less responsive or as a general rule, running shoes should be replaced every 300 – 400 miles. For under pronation you might want to consider doing this sooner.

    Find a quality running shoe for supination and consider an insole with a deep heel cup to give you added stability. Using an orthotic insert can help, as can stretching calves and hamstrings.

    Do Insoles Help With Supination?

    Because your arch needs added support to prevent it from rolling about, it can be useful to try an insole in your running shoes. Your heel needs stability so choose an insole with a deep cup in this area to help with your posture.

    This will help to prevent your foot from moving out as you walk or run and give you extra shock absorption which is never a bad thing. 

    Are There Any Serious Concerns With Supination?

    The main concern is an injury worsening or continually coming back. Because under pronation can lead to everything from swollen knees to an injured Achilles you want to limit the amount of pressure you put on these areas by wearing the right footwear.

    When you suffer from supination you tend to incur certain injuries more often which is why some people seem to sprain their ankles a lot. 

    Why Am I Walking On The Outside Of My Feet?

    Let’s just start by saying you are not alone as many people do the same. Supination is when you put pressure on the outside of your feet when walking or running and when done to excessive amounts can cause pain to your ankles, feet, knees, and hips.

    How Much Do Running Shoes For Supination Cost?

    You can buy shoes for under pronation for around $60 and although they won’t be considered an elite shoe, they will be better than your old pair by a long stretch. The best running shoes for supination cost around $100 – $150 and this will get you a quality pair that has ample cushioning, a durable outsole and the right amount of support. 

    Expect them to stay springy for longer with plenty of bounceback.


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